Dulce Hogar is a worker-owned house cleaning cooperative in Washington, DC. We have a combined 30+ years of house and apartment cleaning experience, and offer high quality house and apartment cleaning, and renovation cleaning services in DC and immediate suburbs. We’re collectively owned, which means all of us who work at Dulce Hogar have a voice in our business decisions.

When you book a cleaning with us, you know that you’re supporting a company that is committed to paying a living wage, and provides benefits like paid time off and flexible schedules that allow us to spend time with our families. And, you’re helping local women, long-term residents, and immigrants build wealth, so that we, and our families, can afford to stay in DC. We take pride in our work – and we commit to doing every job until it’s done right! 

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The owners of this cleaning co-op are the most amazingly strong, loving, and wise women I know!  It feels great to know that in addition to receiving a wonderfully clean home, I’m supporting women who are working together and creating opportunities for economic equity in gentrifying Washington, DC.  

Rev. Karen B.

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Most home cleaning services pay only a fraction of the fees we pay to the people who are actually cleaning our homes. It was absolutely eye-opening when we realized we could help members of our community earn a living wage, by paying them directly. Through Dulce Hogar we now have a completely dependable service, and we're treated as a valued customer rather than an account number.

Joseph M.

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As a busy family with an on-the-go toddler, we are incredibly happy with the cleaning services provided by Dulce Hogar! Noemi and Antonieta do an amazing (and speedy!) job in our 3 bedroom apartment, covering all the bases of a full home cleaning in addition to specific requests we have. We're thrilled to have an affordable and efficient service to work with in our home and even MORE importantly we're thrilled to know our money is going to this amazing worker-owned co-op.

John G. and Chelsey C.